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Do not delete this page.

This is your ASSETS page, which is used to house design assets. This is also where you will edit your social media icons and site footer. 

Custom Site Classes


The styled links class can be used to call attention to links within a text block. It may not work for every situation, so use them wisely. Just add the class to the page element or layout container that you wish to use them in.


All link elements will be styled with red backgrounds & white text. The quick links class allows the vertical-space between the link elements to decrease from 15px to 3px. Grouping them together to display more closely. It can be attached to the element or layout container.


The sleek quick links class is another quick links option. It helps to attractively display links with more text. These links may also link out from the site instead of within it.


The hero class allows you to display a background image that covers the space no matter what size your screen is. Essentially, the background image will span full width & full-height within it's relative container.

Available Hero background options:

"hero1" - Frozen pond/pine trees

"hero2" - Vintage Frozen pond and ice rink

"hero3" - Wooden Planks

"hero4" - Stacked logs covered in Snow



This class applies some spacial styling to the home page highlight section at the top of the screen. It is applied to layout container.


The features class will place the hashtag and social media links at the top of that container. The class is applied to the layout container.


The soh class can be applied to any text block to give its title some extra styling. It will place an image of MN above the title and add a double border below it.


Accordion is actually an ID that gets applied to the page and not a container or element. It will allow tabbed elements to display as accordion drop downs. 

Social Connection Links


Page Title Banners

Youth Banner

High School Banner

College Banner

Warming House Banner

Default Banner

Pro Banner


Bumper Stickers


This is where you will edit your site footer. [Deleting this will remove it from the site completely]


This is your Features callouts, paired with sponsors. To be used on homepage when sponsorships are lined up.

Brought to you by

Stick Taps

In partnership with

Where are they now?

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One Timers


What makes the State of Hockey so special?

brought to you by

<strong>Natalie Darwitz</strong> Head Women's Hockey Coach, Hamline University and three-time Olympian

"Nothing compares to Hockey Day and the State Tournament. There's just nothing like it anywhere else."

<strong>Brian Bonin</strong> Former NHL player; Hobey Baker Award winner with University of Minnesota; Minnesota Mr. Hockey in 1992; White Bear Lake native.

“A true love for the game is cultivated by playing outdoors. Minnesota may be the only state where people look forward to the lakes freezing over.”

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