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Please Join the De St. Dollar Drive and Help Sick Kids

01/25/2023, 10:45am CST
By Cade De St. Hubert and Finn De St. Hubert

Finn and Cade De St. Hubert with Tucker's mom Dana Anderson-Helstrom.

We are Cade (age 16) and Finn (age 15) De St. Hubert and we are excited to help raise money for Team Tucker with our third annual Dollar Drive. First, thank you to Let’s Play Hockey for sponsoring the drive! We hope to raise $30,000 for Team Tucker and their Very Important Patients program.

When we were 8 and 7 years old, we were friends and teammates with Tucker Helstrom. He loved sports but we think he loved friends and having fun even more. He was super funny and helped everyone play their best.

The week after we all (Cade, Finn, and Tucker) made the Mite 4 team, he found out he had bone cancer in his right leg. We all thought he would be ok, but the chemo didn’t stop the cancer from spreading so he had to have his leg amputated far above his knee. Tucker was only 9 years old and would never play hockey again.  But he didn't let that stop him from being our teammate. Tucker joined us on the bench for every one of our games if he wasn’t in the hospital.  

We remember him being so strong.  Not only did he still come to the rink, he was still smiling, funny and helped coach us even though he couldn’t play with us.  We will never forget when we saw how Tucker could still rollerblade with his walker and shoot a puck balancing on his one leg.  

Tucker died a few weeks after he helped coach our baseball team to a championship title. He was only 9 and a half. The next year his mom started Team Tucker, a nonprofit that helps kids like Tucker who are fighting cancer or any life-threatening disease. She wanted to make sure sick kids could play and laugh like Tucker did.  Lots of people have donated to Team Tucker over the past six years, and we have loved being part of that.  We have been inspired by how Tucker and his mom, Dana, care so much about others and we wanted to help too.

We have done a variety of fundraisers, but the way we help the most is the De St. Dollar Drive. We ask kids to commit to being a Team Leader. That means you pledge to encourage your team to make donations and raise money to help kids that are fighting for their lives, like Tucker had to. It doesn’t matter how much you raise, you will feel great knowing you did something to help kids that can’t play sports because they are sick and battling like we watched Tucker do. 

Last year our Dollar Drive raised $21,000!  At the game where we presented Tucker's mom with the money, we got to meet Hafsa.  She had brain cancer and was dying soon. But before she did, the money teammates raised sent Hafsa, her mom, and little brother on her dream vacation to Hawaii for her 8th and final birthday.

We also helped Cambree's family. She was two years old fighting cancer that nearly killed her. The money from the Dollar Drive paid for her dad to fly to Minneapolis from North Dakota so he could see his little girl and wife on weekends and during her surgeries.  

This year, we think Peyton will come to the game when we present the money we raise. He has already fought leukemia three times. Team Tucker provided the flights and hotels for Peyton and his parents to Philadelphia so he could get the only treatment left that could save his life. It worked and now he is in kindergarten and cancer free!

So please contact us by text at 952.388.4622 or by email at if you are interested in being a Team Leader for the Dollar Drive. Or if you want to make a direct donation, we have set up a Venmo account @destdollardrive. We have a goal of raising $30,000 by February 16th.  Tucker’s number was 16, just like his hockey hero, Jason Zucker; and he would have turned 16 a couple months ago. 

We cannot wait to have you join us! You will feel awesome for helping sick kids.  Thank you again to Let’s Play Hockey for sponsoring our Dollar Drive and thank you to everyone who contributes.  Even $1.00 can make a BIG difference in the lives of others.  

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