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State of Hockey Youth 3v3 League

TRIA Rink, the official practice facility of the Minnesota Wild, is pleased to offer a new 3V3 youth hockey league for Mites and Squirts who want to continue playing into the early spring and late fall without a heavy time commitment and the ability to participate in other summer sports and activities. 

Age requirements (listed below) are for the grade of your child at the start of the 2020-21 school year.  


  • A total of eight (8) teams divided into two (2) divisions of play: 

    • Minor Mite (Pre – 1st grade)

    • Major Mite/U8 (2nd and 3rd grade)   


  • A total of eight (8) teams divided into two (2) divisions of play:

    • Minor Squirt (4th grade) 

    • Major Squirt/U10 (5th grade)


  • $200 deposit due upon registration (non-refundable)

  • $3,000 per team (payment in full prior to first game)

  • Individuals will be placed on a team if space available at $300 per player

  • Each team must supply a coach to go on-ice to “officiate” and assist with dasher boards 


  • Spring league (9 games) runs March 15 to May 7, 2020 

  • Fall league (9 games) runs Squirts: Aug. 8 – Sept 26 and Mites: Sept 9 – Oct. 11

  • Schedules and standings posted on  


  • 18 games at TRIA Rink, the official practice facility of the Minnesota Wild 

  • Custom State of Hockey jersey 

  • Special State of Hockey gift bag for all registered players 

*Complimentary tour of the Wild locker room for all teams that register before Feb 15, 2020


  • A recommended roster size of 7-12 skaters and a goalie 

Game format:

  • Two cross-ice games (2) will run simultaneously (3v3 format) with dasher board dividers

  • The focus will be on non-structured/creative hockey with lots of offense and fun  

  • Each game will have a final score to determine the winner

  • The games will be “officiated” by one coach from each team on skates with no offside 

  • The game is designed to be free flowing with continual play

  • Players will change every two minutes by clock horn so play is continual 


  • Teams must submit a roster of players prior to the start of league play

  • Good sportsmanship is required by all players, coaches and spectators 

  • Volunteers will run the clock and time shifts to sound the horn every two minutes to indicate a line change

  • When the line change horn blows, on-ice players leave the puck where it lies and vacate the ice to allow for new players to come on and resume play

  • Offside will not be enforced 

  • A penalty will result in a penalty shot for the opposing team

  • When you score, retreat back to your own end and prepare to attack again


  • Teams in each division will play each other once during regular season

  • Regular season standings determine playoff seeding

  • Each team is guaranteed two play-off games

  • If teams are tied at the end of regulation, a sudden-death 3 minute overtime will determine the winner 


  • Playoff game 1: Team #1 plays Team # 4

  • Playoff game 2: Team #2 plays Team #3

  • Playoff game 3: Team # 5 plays Team #8

  • Playoff game 4: Team # 6 plays Team # 7

  • Playoff game 5: Winner of game 1 vs. Winner of game 2 (1st place) 

  • Playoff game 6: Loser of game 1 vs. Loser of game 2 (3rd place) 

  • Playoff game 7: Winner of game 3 vs. Winner of Game 4 (5th place) 

  • Playoff game 8: Loser of game 3 vs. Loser of game 4 (7th place)